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Rent a Car on Monthly Basis

Rental cars are the best way to be independent on the road if you are here on a short-term visa or for a project. In the UAE, renting a car on a monthly basis provides a variety of advantages over buying one. This is a hassle-free and economical method. Monthly rentals are often delivered and picked up for free by most car rental companies. Most users will find that they are enough for them since they are inclusive of standard mileage: 3000 kilometer or more. Salik (toll) usage is billed monthly. It is the company’s responsibility to maintain and register the vehicle. During a breakdown or accident, you’re provided with a replacement vehicle. Renting a car on a monthly basis allows you to upgrade or downgrade your vehicle at any time.

Benefits of choosing a monthly car rental

  • Traveling between the emirates is much cheaper and quicker than using public transportation
  • Saves you money since you won’t need to pay for rising insurance and registration fees
  • The same quality as your own car without the maintenance hassles
  • A wide range of suppliers offering a variety of packages and competitive rates
  • Every month, the option of upgrading or downgrading is available

Our mission:

We simplify car rentals for you.

The convenience of renting a car is one of its best features. All you need to rent a car is a valid driving license (details above) and a valid ID (passport / ID / GCC ID). Rental cars are only available to drivers over the age of 21 in the UAE. For car rentals, a security deposit is required: AED 2,000 – AED 10,000 or equivalent in your currency (if accepted by the agency). The payment should be made by credit card, cash, or debit card  Contact our luxury car rental company to begin the process. Charges, terms, and conditions should be discussed. To prove your eligibility, please share your documents.  At this point, you can request pictures of the car that will be provided to you. Confirm your booking and pick-up or delivery time.  Don’t rent with companies which are offering the cheapest deals. It’s important to check the car as well before you sign the agreement

Taking out a long-term lease on a car rental

Rent a luxury car from Spider cars and save big Long-term car lease deals in the UAE for a month or more. We offer convenient and cost-effective long-term car rentals Car leasing is a cost-effective low risk alternative to vehicle purchase without the need cash outlay. Car loans payments will usually be higher and expensive in comparing with lease payment, and the qualification for lease payment is softer and easier. Spider car rental offers flexible leasing term from 3 months up to 12 months on any car.

When you lease a car, you’ll have to make a monthly or annual lease payment. The lease cost of a new sedan, for example, would be around AED 5,500 per month. In contrast, if you want to buy the same car, your monthly payment would easily exceed AED 9000 / month once you factor in the down payment, registration, insurance, and other costs (admin fee, etc.).

If you lease a car, your monthly payments will be lower. The good news is that you know how much you’d be spending up front with no surprises. With our car leasing website, you can quickly find the latest long-term car rental offers.

A car loan involves a long-term commitment that you must fulfill if you plan to buy it. Yes, there are sales schemes that offer zero upfront costs, but they are always accompanied by high interest rates and hidden fees. If you have an ongoing car loan in the UAE, you may not qualify for a mortgage or property loan. You may just have to make a refundable deposit or an upfront payment for the last 3 months of your lease.

In the event of a breakdown or an accident, your car lease plan includes a free replacement vehicle. Contact customer service and inform them about the issue and they’ll arrange for a car of equal value or perhaps an upgrade. You will receive a replacement vehicle at the time of car servicing and repairs as well, so there will be no interruption to your daily routine.

Rent a Car with Driver

Are you looking for the ultimate luxury experience? Get uber comfort traveling across the emirates when you book our chauffeur service online. A variety of cars, vans, and SUVs are available to suit your family members, corporate clients, and VIPs. With meet and greet service, our chauffeurs can pick you or your guests up straight from the airport. You can rely on our professional drivers to get you to your destination on time at ease and local experience.

Rental cars with driver are available in the UAE on an hourly and trip basis. To provide world-class service, we have a professional team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In case of airport pickups, we keep track of your flight schedules and add extra wait time if necessary. You will always be able to pick up your guests in style – no matter what time it is! Your complete business and personal solution.

Guaranteed best prices

Feel free to contact us with details about the car you wish to rent for self-drive, lease for long-term or hire with a driver, including your budget and requirements. In a few hours, we’ll contact you with an offer you won’t be able to refuse. In addition, our service is completely free!

The only thing you have to do is find the best car rental company and book with them. As part of our service, we do not charge any commissions or fees.

Looking for more guidance? Read car rental terms and conditions to be aware and to get the most of your rental experience.

Discover discount offers and learn more about UAE driving laws and roads. When it comes to car rental in Dubai, we help our customers save money in a variety of ways.

Luxury Car Rentals Terms and Conditions

  1. The car was hand over in good condition according to what was mentioned in car and Renter information section and the renter undertake to keep the car in save and return it with same condition
  2. Spider Cars does not assume any responsibility for items left inside the car by the client
  3. The rental fee is paid in advance upon signing the contract. If the renter wishes to keep the car for a longer period, he must pay the fee in advance to avoid a delay in collection.
  4. If There is No previous arrangement has been made for weekly/monthly rates then the renter is liable to pay the daily rates
  5. If there was a prior agreement to rent for a week or a month, and then the car was Returned before the specified date, the rent will be calculated at the daily rate
  6. Daily rent means 24 hours exactly, and any additional hours will be charged extra.
  7. The renter is not allowed to sublease the car to anyone who is not mentioned in Contract
  8. Mileage for a daily rental is 250 km, a weekly is 1500 km, and a monthly rental is 5,000 km. Additional fees of 5 – 20 dirhams are charged for extra kilometres,
  9. If case the car is impounded by the police or Transport authority, the renter bears the Daily rental costs until the car returns to our company
  10. Security deposit will be Blocked from the credit card which is refundable after 30 days of the end of the rental period.
  11. The fees for electronic gates (Salik) on roads are 5 dirhams per trip
  12. The renter must return the car with the same amount of fuel as when it was received and the car’s interior and exterior are properly cleaned, a fee will be charged for non-Compliance
  13. The renter must pay the Airport parking fee, and keep the ticket, any parking fines are His responsibility.
  14. In cases of any damage to the body of the car or the rim of the tyre, whether small   or large, the renter must pay 2,000 dirhams, even if it was caused by valet parking at the Hotel unless he purchases additional comprehensive insurance upon the contract signing
  15. In case of any break in wheels rim, the renter must pay an amount of 5000 dirhams, and in case of a luxury or sports car the amount is 10,000 dirhams.
  16. Smoking inside the car is prohibited, with a fine of 500 dirhams in the case of smoking in a car and a fine of 5,000 dirhams if the car’s interior is damaged or broken.
  17. In the event of any technical malfunction in the car, the tenant must inform our office to take the appropriate measures and the renter is not entitled to drive through them and bear all damages resulting from that.
  18. If a tyre on a rental car is damaged, the renter is responsible for the cost of replacing the tyre, including the cost of recovery, and we will provide a replacement car at the Same level or better up to the end of the rental period. The renter is not entitled to cancel the contract and reclaim the fees.
  19. The renter has to comply with traffic lights and speed limit signs on the road. Otherwise, our company has the right to withdraw the car from the customer if they drive Recklessly and do not follow traffic laws.
  20. In the event of a car accident, the renter must arrange a police report to submit it to insurance company and must Report this accident to us immediately, not to repair the Car without our knowledge.
  21. Our vehicles provide insurance coverage for the renter whose name is on the Contract, in addition to the passengers
  22. Renters are not liable for any damage incurred through accidents if they submit           a valid police report and they get hurt and another party is at fault
  23. The renter is responsible for the excess claim amount 5,000 AED for any accident caused by him or for an accident caused by a third party.
  24. Our cars have basic comprehensive insurance, if you prefer a full insurance package, A collision damage waiver (CDW) is an additional insurance package that is optional with an additional fee.
  25. The renter bears a penalty if any repairs are made to the vehicle without the Knowledge of our company
  26. The car is for drive in UAE only, Not allowed to pass Omani border, and the insurance Coverage is also for UAE only
  27. The renter has to return the vehicle to our office upon request for periodical services
  28. I acknowledge that I received the car in good condition except for the damage Mentioned in the photos and video upon receipt
  29. Spider car rental is authorized to debit my credit card for any amounts resulting from Rental fees or police violations, and I am not entitled to request a chargeback.

There are several locations across Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular destinations in the middle-east. As a luxury tourist destination and business hub, it has successfully transformed itself from an oil-dependent economy. Whether you’re a visitor or a resident, you have easy access to car rental shops throughout the emirates

Rent a Car in JLT

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) is a major hub located across Sheikh Zayed Road from Dubai Marina. It’s a popular destination for expats for both residential and commercial purposes. A number of diversified car rental branches are located among the clustered skyscrapers along with restaurants, businesses, and shopping malls. Staying in JLT would make it ideal for you to explore car rental companies within walking distance. For a closer look at the cars, you can visit the stores (address provided) in person.

Rent a Car in Dubai Marina

Located in the heart of New Dubai, Dubai Marina offers breathtaking views of the marina and the sea. With excellent road connectivity and the Dubai Tram, it features Skydive Dubai, Grosvenor House, and a range of high-end residential and hotel properties. The majority of car rental companies in Dubai Marina and JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residences) are open 24 hours a day. In addition to browsing our available super cars in Dubai at our location, you can view our price list on You can request your desired cars to your location for free delivery and pickup.

Rent a Car in Al Barsha

There is a lot to see and do in Al Barsha, from the Mall of the Emirates (MOE) to the Dubai Miracle Garden in Barsha South. It is densely populated with low-rise buildings, villas, townhouses, and well-integrated with service roads. It can be busy during rush hour (traffic-wise), but it’s a peaceful neighborhood with all amenities nearby. Since years, Barsha has been home to a wide range of businesses, including a car rental shop. When you finish watching your movie at VOX Cinemas or while you do your grocery at Lulu Hypermarket nearby, will deliver your car to the parking lot anywhere in Dubai.

Rent a Car in Al Quoz

There are many auto dealerships, workshops, industrial headquarters, quaint cafes, and more in Al Quoz. As your car is being fixed in a garage, you may be wondering what you will do without it. Find our company by browsing the list. You can request a car to be delivered to you from one of our car rentals branches in Dubai. You can rent a car over the phone or WhatsApp while your car is being repaired. It’s easy, you can even explain your requirements to the car rental agent and he’ll help you find the best solution.

Rent a Car in Business Bay

With the completion of the water canal project directed by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, and ruler of Dubai, the business hub is transforming into a convenient residential area. You’d be wise to rent a car from a car rental company located in or near Business Bay if you live or work there.  You can call us and have the car delivered to your office. Get in touch with us or drop by our office during your lunch hour anytime.

Rent a Car in Bur Dubai

The brand-new Al Seef lifestyle community is located in Bur Dubai (Old Dubai), which is also known for Burjuman Mall and Meena Bazaar. The majority of Bur Dubai’s residents are expats from India and Pakistan. Several businesses, restaurants, hotels, cafes, and the Dubai Museum (a tourist attraction) are located there. With our branch in Bur Dubai, you can easily meet your personal luxury car rental needs.

Rent a Car at Dubai International Airport

Whether you are traveling to Dubai for business or leisure, renting a car is a necessity. At the Dubai International Airport (DXB) or Dubai Al Maktoum Airport (DWC), you can get a set of wheels (freedom of movement). At the airport terminal, there are dozens of car rental kiosks, but their prices are generally high. Additionally, their selection of cars is limited.

Spider luxury car rental allows you to compare offers from multiple car rental companies at once.  Book directly with us if you would like to get in touch with us. We offer your desired car. We don’t charge extra fees or mark ups.  Schedule the car delivery as per your flight landing time and the driver will be at the airport parking waiting for you. It’s important to double-check the car is ready to be sent to the airport and cleaned well before your flight departs from the origin airport.

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