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Muscle Car Rental Drive your drеаm car in Dubai. Сhооsе саrs frоm рrеmium brаnds likе Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet аnd many mоrе. Оur suppliers are among the best in the Emirаtеs. They offer free doorstep delivery at your preferred time and place including the аirроrt. Self-drive the car of your dreams today!

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Muscle Car Rental

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Dubai muscle cars

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Muscle cars Dubai

Dodge is one among America’s oldest and most recognizable automakers. Today, as a part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Dodge trades on old-fashioned American values like size, power, and style. The Challenger coupe and Charger sedan are muscle cars that garner many attention because of their numerous high-powered SRT and Hellcat variants. If you would like an SUV, inspect the burly Durango SUV and its hot-rod version, the Durango SRT.

The Dodge Challenger and dodge challenger rental Dubai  are among the top in demand muscle cars. They are popular the world over for their gritty style, powerful engines and amazing handling capabilities.

Ford Mustang 

Muscle Car Rental

Ford has been a crucial part of automotive history for quite a century. Its own history centers around iconic models like the hot-selling F-150 pickup and later the sporty Mustang pony car. The Blue Oval brand recently made the controversial decision to prevent producing sedan and hatchback models for the general target audience and go with a Fusion of SUVs and crossovers. It’s now rolling out attractive redesigns of popular SUVs like the Escape and the Explorer.

Ford came up with its muscle cars in Dubai early on with the Mustang in various editions such as the GT V8, Shelby GT and the more recent EcoBoost models. It’s available in hard top coupe as well as convertible options.

Chevrolet Camaro 

Despite taking its name from a Swiss racing driver from the 1900s, Chevrolet has leveraged its all-American heritage to foster showroom success for many years. As a full-line automaker fielding a various product lineup, many of its vehicles are also available from other General Motors brands.

Dubai muscle cars

Typically, the Chevy versions of those vehicles—which can also be had as GMCs, Buicks, or Cadillacs—are the least expensive and most mainstream. That said, Muscle Car Rental offers the foremost comprehensive lineup of the GM brands, with dealerships that carry everything from the Spark minicar to the 10 Best Cars-winning Corvette sports car to the Silverado full-size pickup; with many SUVs in between.

American muscle cars for sale in Dubai

Chevrolet Camaro is one of the most popular American muscle cars. It debuted in 1966 and has come a long way since. There are a handful of models and editions to choose from: V6, V8 ZL1, RS Convertible and more.

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