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Luxury Car Rental in Abu Dhabi

rent a car Abu Dhabi, Choose your favorite car, luxury, SUVs, Mercedes V class and more, our price is included full insurance

Luxury car rentals 

Rent a car Abu Dhabi has been serving thousands of people in providing rent a car in Abu Dhabi all year round.

Abu Dhabi car lease

and then,, It assures you the best, direct-from-supplier car rental prices for affordable car hire in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi car rental

We have a wide range of car models available, big SUVs, small hatchbacks and everything in between,

Abu Dhabi car rental monthly

The car rental process is straight-forward and driving license from a majority of countries is acceptable.

Abu Dhabi luxury car rental

Explore through the list of car models on our website and choose a car based on your requirements.

Car rental Abu Dhabi monthly

We ensure to provide you the most pocket-friendly rental packages for cars by connecting you with the local car rental companies in Abu Dhabi.

Rent car Abu Dhabi monthly

Spider Cars is the biggest car rental in Abu Dhabi, trusted by thousands of travelers across the globe.

You can compare the Rent a Car in Abu Dhabi from multiple local car rental companies and choose the best deal for you.

Browse and filter through the available car models for rent or rather can just request a call back for more detailed information and query related issues.

Numerous travelers plan their travel arrangements in Abu Dhabi through Spider Cars as we maintain our relationship with reliable car rental companies in Abu Dhabi.

rent a car Abu Dhabi monthly

Check out the latest car rental rates and book your car now!

Car rental locations around Abu Dhabi

Get a car rental service for your personal or business requirement in Abu Dhabi now in minutes.

Spider Cars gives you access to explore all the local car rental companies in Abu Dhabi. Connect directly to the car rental companies to rent a car in Abu Dhabi via Mobile App, WhatsApp, Email or many other options provided by Spider Cars.

Equally important, You can choose the car rental option and receive quotes based on your requirements from various car rental companies under the same umbrella.

What’s more, Abu Dhabi rental car

Check out the daily, weekly and monthly car rental plans from our local rental car suppliers in Abu Dhabi.

We work with SUV rental Abu Dhabi  and ensure the availability of all the car brand models available for self-drive.

We offer our customers free branch pick-up and sometimes even free delivery. Explore, compare and choose the best deal for you!

Tips for hiring a car in Abu Dhabi

  • Make sure you are provided with car insurance
  • Get a detailed check on the history and the reviews of the company providing car rental in Abu Dhabi
  • Be acquainted with the car rental process thoroughly
  • You must have a thorough look at the contract before you sign it
  • Carry all your essential documents with you
  • Check the parts of the car before you rent it. It may happen that there is some damage in the car that may result in difficult circumstances in the middle of the journey.
  • It is recommended to check the air conditioning in the car
  • Always check the fuel or the gas level in the car
  • The amount must be paid by your credit card. There are companies who also accept cash or checks, but it is always advised to use a credit card for transparency.

Rent a car in Abu Dhabi through Spider Cars

The biggest hub for solution to all car rental services, Spider Cars is a platform that accumulates reputed and trusted local car rental companies in Abu Dhabi and enables travelers to choose from the best car models at the best price.

We value both your time and money. We help you choose from diverse car models and reach the quality rental companies.

Underneath are some of the reasons why you should choose Spider Cars as the source for car rental service in Abu Dhabi:

  • Get to explore a diverse range of car models of almost all car brands.
  • Get luxury cars, economic cars, Sedan, SUVs, Vans and many other cars for rent under the same roof.
  • Guaranteed competitive market price. We provide you with quotes from reputed companies and make the best deal final for you.
  • We provide free branch pick-up facility and delivery at location service.
  • We provide you with car insurance.
  • Rent a car in Abu Dhabi with rental packages that suit your budget. We provide daily, weekly and monthly rental plans to our customers.
  • Trusted by thousands of travelers across the globe visiting Abu Dhabi car rental luxury
  • Guaranteed best quality car model without any damage.
  • Quick processing. You get done with the formalities in just a few minutes.
  • Personalized assistance from our end. You drop your requirements and we reach back to you with details.
  • Transparency and flexibility maintained.
  • No booking fees or commission involved. Directly pay to the car rental supplier.

Parking guidelines for car rentals in Abu Dhabi:

Here are some of the guidelines that will help you with the parking of your rented car in Abu Dhabi:

  • You will come across a lot of pay-to park cars that you can easily avail when required.
  • If you are traveling to a hotel or resort, then you can mostly avail the free car parking facilities.
  • The Mawaqif system for parking meters is available all across the streets of Abu Dhabi.
  • The parking charges are valid from 8 AM in the morning to midnight from Saturday to Thursday. However, public holidays are excluded and parking charges are not valid.
  • It is recommended to carry coins for change. This is because the parking charge varies between AED 2 to AED 3 per hour
  • Parking charges for car hire in Abu Dhabi can be paid even through the SMS facility. However, you must have enough balance in your UAE local contact number provided by Du, Virgin Mobile UAE or Etisalat.

Monthly car rental in Abu Dhabi

You are visiting Abu Dhabi for a month or two and you are concerned about daily transportation.

The best solution for this is to rent a car on a monthly basis.

There is a lot of hassle involved if you are looking to buy a car, whereas car rental facilities are hassle free and keep you risk free without any responsibility on your shoulders.

Added to that, car rental services are more like using one’s own car with all the benefits that you get in your personal car.

Some of the major reasons why you should go for  monthly car rental in Abu Dhabi are listed below:

  • Hassle free service
  • No worry about maintenance. In case of any damage, you are provided with a car replacement from the company.
  • Way more economical than other means.
  • Risk free, assuring safety at an unknown land.
  • Rent a car in Abu Dhabi of your choice. It might not always be possible to afford a car of your dreams (to buy), but you can always rent it and have a splendid experience.
  • Certified car rental company assistance.
  • Cost effective. You do not have to worry about the rise in registration charges or insurance.
    monthly car rental Abu Dhabi 
  • You get a car with proper insurance too without paying any extra charges for it.
  • Heavy discount rates on monthly car rentals.
  • Most of the car rental companies provide free pick-up and delivery for monthly car rentals.
  • Monthly car rental plans include a standard mileage of 3000 km, which is mostly enough for most of the people.

Budget rent a car in Abu Dhabi:

The prime benefit of car rental in Abu Dhabi remains that you get to choose the car model based on your budget. Budget being a main concern, often it is not possible for everyone to afford major luxury cars.

However, that does not really mean you will not be able to avail the benefit of car hire in Abu Dhabi.

Get to explore a huge range of car models at Spider Cars where we ensure to keep models of both low and high rental rates.

We have car models for both personal and commercial business use.

Whether rent a car Abu Dhabi 7 seater  it is for a group or a business, we have suitable car models at the best market price.

Rent a car at Spider Cars starting at AED 200/day and AED 1950 /month.

Rent a car in Abu Dhabi airport

On reaching a foreign country, you are unaware of the proper means of transportation on how to reach your hotel.

Abu Dhabi monthly car rental

You can now rent a car to pick you up from the airport and reach you safely to the desired location.

Abu Dhabi rent a car  – Abu Dhabi car rental luxury

Moreover, we at Spider Cars ensure you a safe trip from the airport to the hotel. hire a driver in Abu Dhabi monthly
You can directly book from our website by connecting with local car rental companies allocated by us.

We only work with reputed companies.

lastly, we never compromise with your safety and ensure that you get a professional driver to assist you from picking you up at the airport and dropping you at your location. Monthly car rental Abu Dhabi

Request us a call back or you can just drop in your requirements and our service team will get back to you at the soonest.

Happy Renting!

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